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Ask me anything

Facilitate a productive conversation and build a strong relationship.

Build trust and foster collaboration within your team by fostering a culture of openness and honesty. This promotes open and candid communication, leading to more productive and effective decision-making.

AMAs (Ask Me Anything) are a powerful tool for leaders to address false premises, mitigate complaints, build a genuine culture, and provide a voice to those who may not have one otherwise. By participating in AMAs, leaders can address misinformation, address concerns and questions from team members and stakeholders, and cultivate a culture of authenticity and transparency. Additionally, AMAs give a platform to team members and stakeholders who may not have the opportunity to speak up or be heard, which can help to foster a sense of inclusivity and collaboration within the organization.

AMAs will help you achieve:

  • Alignment with your teams

  • Openess and democratise access to leaders

  • Build trust through conversations

  • Develop your relationship with your peers or teams

  • Allow a forum to address grievances or celebrate wins

Use this play to resolve:

  • A culture of mistrust and scepticism

  • Misalignment and confusion in teams

  • A loss of connection to teams and peers

  • When a team has scaled to a size where they have lost access to their leaders