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Elevator pitch

A concise and impactful summary of your idea that can be effectively conveyed in just 30 seconds.

Equip your teams with the skills to clearly and concisely pitch and communicate the purpose and value of your organization.

Crafting a compelling and persuasive speech is key to ensuring that your team is aligned on the purpose and direction of your organization or project. By developing a clear and cohesive message, your team will be able to effectively communicate the value and mission of your organization to any audience in any situation. This will help to foster a sense of unity and purpose within your team, and ensure that your message is consistently conveyed in a clear and powerful way.

Elevator pitch will help you achieve:

  • Develop a clear sense of the direction and goal of the organisation or context

  • Explain to others what you do in a succinct way

  • Develop a unique selling point that differentiates your organisation or project from others

Use this play to improve or resolve:

  • Misalignments on what the teams are doing or their purpose

  • There are varied ways on how the organisation or project is described

  • Confusing as to what is unique or differntiates the business from others