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Kick off session

Set the stage for success by establishing the context for any project at the outset.

Launching a new project can be challenging, especially in a hybrid workforce with team members in different time zones. It's more important than ever to get things off to a strong start by establishing clear goals, expectations, and a solid foundation for the project.

The kick-off meeting is a crucial moment in the life of any project or initiative. It marks the official start of the project and sets the tone for everything that comes next. This is the time to establish clear goals and expectations, align on the project's objectives, and ensure that everyone is on the same page. By starting things off on the right foot, you can pave the way for a smooth and successful project. Investing the time and effort in a thorough and well-planned kick-off meeting can pay dividends throughout the duration of the project.

Kick offs will help you achieve:

  • Build a connection with new team or project members

  • Share relevant information for a smooth start

  • Clarify open questions and drive alignment on the goals

  • Develop a clear set of expectations and accountability

  • Build trust within your teams

Use this play to resolve:

  • When there is a lack of engagement from the team

  • Continued confusion and repeated questions around why, what and how

  • Loss of motivation within the team

  • Misalignment in expectation and responsibility