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Stand up

Daily attention to team activities and needs helps you support and assist them effectively.

Stay informed about your team's progress and challenges by conducting daily stand-ups. By providing support and assistance where needed, you can help them stay focused and make the most of their time and efforts.

Responding quickly to blockers helps your team run smoothly and fosters a culture of continuous improvement. When team members encounter obstacles or challenges, it's important to address them promptly to minimize disruptions and keep the team on track. By providing timely support and assistance, you can help your team overcome these challenges and stay focused on their work. Additionally, by demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement and addressing challenges as they arise, you can encourage a proactive and learning-oriented team culture.

Stand up will help you achieve:

  • Achieve better alignment between your teammates

  • Reduce lengthy meetings and focus on what is relevant and necessary for communication

  • Improve response times to blockers and issues individuals are facing

  • Catch potential risks early and allow for daily optimisations

  • Develop a culture of transparency and continuous improvement

  • Provide timely access to information

Use this play to resolve:

  • Team members are blocked from moving forward

  • A lack of clarity on who is working on what

  • Unclear on how leadership can help

  • Have a weak team culture