Anchors and engines

Uncover every obstacle or accelerator that will impact the success of your project or initiative.

You can develop a deeper awareness of how to progress and increase the team's velocity by identifying the aspects that are affecting the velocity and productivity of your team.

It's crucial for your team to know what factors are affecting their speed and productivity. Help them identify what's helping or hindering their progress and take steps to resolve any issues that slow them down. Encourage and support any processes or practices that help the team work efficiently. By doing this, you can create a more productive and successful team.

Anchors and engines will help you achieve:

  • A shared understanding of what are the teams, concept, project or intiatives weaknesses and gaps are

  • Identify the strengths of the team, concept, project or initiatve

  • Build a view on what is known or what are assumptions

  • A view on how to leverage the skills of the team to overcome the gaps

Use this session to resolve:

  • If the teams velocity is suffering and there is no clarity as to why

  • Performance ebs and flows from project to project

  • A lack of clarity as to who to work with one another