Easy, medium or hard

Evaluating the difficulty and feasibility of your ideas is a simple way to prioritize your efforts and ensure the most impactful results.

Determining what to work on is key to your success. Prioritize your efforts by evaluating the value and difficulty of each task on your list.

Effective prioritization of your backlog of ideas requires a clear set of criteria to guide decision-making. By establishing a set of attributes to evaluate each idea against, your team can focus on choosing the most impactful and feasible ideas to pursue. This type of structured approach to prioritization helps to ensure that your team is making informed, strategic decisions that align with your overall goals and objectives. By prioritizing in this way, your team can work more efficiently and effectively, maximizing the value of your resources and time.

Easy, medium or hard will help you achieve:

  • Elegant way to identify the value of an idea agaisnt your company KPI

  • Refine your choices to focus your team on what really matters

  • Alignment within the team and stakeholders

  • Clarity on the impact of your next project

  • Be more KPI or metric driven to evaluate impact of any given project, solution or initiative

Use this session to resolve:

  • Conflicts in direction

  • Admiration of a solution with clear outcomes or impact

  • Constant churn and iteration of an solution resulting in no impact

  • Disagreement with metrics or KPIs