Hopes and fears

Find out what your participants are hoping to get out of a project, workshop, or initiative.

Ensure that there is clarity around the expectations of your participants for any project, workshop, or initiative. This will help to guide your planning and decision-making and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

By openly discussing and communicating the hopes and fears surrounding a project or initiative, your team can identify and address potential risks and share diverse perspectives on the best course of action. This level of transparency and honesty fosters a sense of collaboration and helps to ensure that your team is working towards a shared vision and goals.

Revealing the teams hopes and fears will help you achieve:

  • A sense of clarity and an open view on the project or initiative

  • A shared position on how to guide the actions and proceedng ideas

  • Create guidance on areas to avoid and provide clarity on why

  • Develop a shared view on how to achieve the hopes and qualify if this is the right direction

  • Develop a shared view on how to avoid the fears and analyse the root causes and issues

Use this session to resolve:

  • Confusion as to why and what the intended outcomes are

  • There is a loss of trust in the project or initiative

  • Requires leadership or team guidance on the best way to proceed on a project or initiative

  • Air grievances in a healthy and productive way