Consider different perspectives and roles to uncover new knowledge, ideas, and facts.

A straightforward and effective way to facilitate parallel thinking activities, which can help to generate new ideas and solutions and stimulate creative problem-solving within a team.

By assigning roles, represented by hats, to your team and encouraging them to wear these hats during discussions, you can help them to focus on specific aspects of the conversation and uncover valuable information that might otherwise be overlooked. This technique can lead to more productive and effective discussions, as well as encourage creative problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking within your team.

Thinking hats will help you achieve:

  • Stimulate in depth discussions and uncover information

  • Reduce misinformation and identify assumptions

  • Make use of the valuable time you are spending together

  • Create empathy and identify gaps

  • Be focused and clear about the topic and discussion points

Use this session to resolve:

  • Meetings do not produce desired outcomes

  • Extended collaboration or meeting times that are difficult and yield little

  • Discussions are subjective and all over the place

  • Conflicts and differences of opinion within the team

  • Discussions are at the surface level and there is no depth