Post mortem

Use hindsight to understand, improve, and make changes.

Improve the chances of success for future projects by taking the time to reflect on past ones and capture key learnings. By doing this, you'll be able to apply valuable insights and experiences to make future projects run smoother and be more successful than the last.

Unlock the full potential of your team by building a culture of continuous improvement and actively seeking out opportunities for optimization. By uncovering all the lessons from past experiences and applying them to the future, you'll be able to make incremental improvements that add up to big gains in efficiency and effectiveness. Don't let valuable insights go to waste – use them to fuel a culture of continuous learning and improvement that helps your team reach new heights.

Post mortems will help you achieve:

  • Develop better team morale by developing a forum to evaluate issues and lessons learnt

  • Help your team with transparency to allow everyone to share their perspective in an objective way

  • Improve communication and identify potentail gaps in your process or workflow

  • Develop a sense of the teams trajectory and add to your teams tool kit and skill set

Use this session to resolve:

  • When the same mistakes continually happen

  • There is a lack on clarity as to the cause of project issues

  • Changes in process is not yielding results

  • A loss of team morale and trust