RAID analysis

Assess risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies for any project or initiative.

Prepare your team for potential challenges by sharing key information such as risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies.

RAID is a crucial tool for managing any project or initiative. It helps teams understand the landscape and navigate forward with confidence. By using RAID, you'll be able to identify and assess risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies, giving you a clear picture of what you're up against and how to move forward. This shared understanding will enable your team to be proactive and adaptable, and better equipped to handle any challenges that come your way. Don't go into a project blind – use RAID to develop a strong foundation and set yourself up for success.

RAIDs will help you achieve:

  • Develop a broad view of the context and situation

  • Prepare the team with what they know and potentially a way path forward if issues do arise

  • Appropriately develop a course of actions that will bring clarity and confidence to the team

Use this session to resolve:

  • The project or initiative is new to the team or company

  • There is uncertainty and potential controversy over the project or initiative

  • There is a lack of confidence

  • Loss of shared understanding