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Risk checklist

Easily identify risks and knowledge gaps with a simple risk assessment activity.

Avoid rework and issues on complex projects through proactive risk management. Identify and address risks early to minimize disruptions and handle challenges as they arise. Proactive risk management leads to project success.

Having a level of discipline in identifying and managing risk can be an important factor in helping to prevent or mitigate potential issues. Developing a plan for addressing potential issues can also help to build confidence and reduce the potential for chaos. This can involve identifying potential risks, assessing the likelihood and impact of those risks, and developing strategies for addressing them. It may also involve regularly reviewing and updating the risk management plan to ensure that it is current and effective. By taking a proactive and disciplined approach to risk management, it is possible to better prepare for and handle potential issues as they arise.

Risk checklist will help you achieve:

  • Develop readiness for any potential situation

  • Bring confidence to the team and stakeholders

  • Encourage braod spectrum thinking

  • Identify gaps in process or workflow

  • Enable teams to take ownership and resolve root causes before issues arise

Use this session to resolve:

  • Unknowns and a lack of down stream impacts

  • Anxiety with highly sensitive project with broad impact

  • Ambiguity with project impact