Stack rank

Prioritize tasks and projects to manage time and resources effectively.

Effective investment in time and resources requires careful prioritization. Rank commitments based on value and complexity to allocate resources and focus efforts.

It is crucial that teams have a clear understanding of their commitments in order to work effectively and achieve their goals. One effective way to prioritize projects and tasks is by evaluating them against value and complexity. By considering the relative importance and difficulty of each project, you can gain a clearer sense of what is most important or imperative to success. This will help you allocate your time and resources more effectively and focus your efforts on the most impactful tasks. By regularly reviewing and adjusting your priorities, you can ensure that your team is making the most of its time and resources and working towards its goals more efficiently.

Stack rank will help you achieve:

  • Clarity on what is next

  • Priority order of work against value

  • Allow for judgement calls to be made

  • Drives a better discussion around trade offs

  • Align teams on what they are committed to

Use this session to improve or resolve:

  • Disagreements on what is important

  • Confusion on what is next

  • Ambiguity as to the value and purpose for the order of execution