Team health

Connect with your team on a deeper level and understand their needs to create a more effective and supportive work environment.

Teams are diverse and complex, so understanding how they are doing is essential for enabling their success. Regularly check in with your team to get a sense of their progress and challenges, and provide support and assistance where needed.

Effective teamwork relies on getting the fundamentals for collaboration right. Teams thrive when there is a compelling objective that everyone is working towards, a clear structure that supports efficient and effective communication and decision-making, and access to the relevant context and information needed to do their work. By regularly evaluating the health of these main attributes, you can identify areas for improvement and take steps to support the success of your team. Team health assessments can be a useful tool for identifying strengths and areas for development within your team and for fostering an environment that enables everyone to work together effectively and achieve their goals.

Team check-ins will help you achieve:

  • Invest in a healthy and thriving culture

  • Give a voice to your teams

  • Understand the gaps for optimisation and improvement

  • Evaluate if the teams is sufficiently supported

  • Allow team managers to effectively resolve concerns

Use this session to improve or resolve:

  • Difficult team culture

  • Unexplainable gaps in performance and outcomes

  • Morale issues in the team resulting in negativity or toxic working environment

  • Evaluating if changes or investments are improving team dynamics