The unfair advantage

Discover your team's unique abilities and strengths to identify its magic sauce.

Highlight how your idea will delight customers, differentiate from competitors, and bring financial benefits to convince stakeholders of its value.

To bring clarity and confidence to your investment, it's important to thoroughly validate your strategy by covering all essential areas. This includes understanding the needs and pain points of your target customers, analyzing the competitive landscape to identify your unique advantage, carefully evaluating the financial feasibility of your strategy, and developing a clear and actionable plan for implementation. By taking the time to cover these key areas and ensure that your strategy is solid and well thought-out, you can increase the chances of success for your investment and feel more confident in your decision.

The unfair advantage will help you identify or achieve:

  • A clear idea of how you will help, delight, enable or solve customer problems and needs

  • Clarity on what differentiates your brand

  • Identify potential network effects and scale advantage

  • Unique selling proposition

  • Switching cost features that makes your solution hard to leave

Use this session to resolve:

  • Questions on the overall strategy of your idea

  • Differentiating views on the details of your strategy

  • Lack of clarity on what are the key areas of investment

  • Misunderstanding on the direction of your investment