Weekly check-in

Engage your team on a deeper level and understand what they need.

Getting timely information about how your team is feeling allows for quick and timely actions to happen.

Connect with your teams on a regular cadence to identify potential issues or help the team to adapt to changes in the organisation or get timely feedback for how to optimise and improve.

Weekly check-ins will help you achieve:

  • Get a strong sense of how the teams are operating

  • Receive timely feedback on the needs of the team

  • Develop an open and transparent culture

  • React and be proactive with potential issues or roadblocks the team may be facing

Use this session to improve or resolve:

  • Disconnection with the team

  • When communication is sporadic and infrequent

  • Lack of clarity, uncertaintity and a lack of focus

  • Decrease in employee engagement