Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Reflect on the past to plan for the future.

Reviewing small achievements will help guide the team to greater outcomes. Identify the focus for small tasks to lead to massive results.

Building the diligence and discipline to work on achieving many small tasks will help the teams to achieve massive outcomes. Keep focus and break things down into achievable tasks to continually work toward the teams goals.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow will help you achieve:

  • A clear understanding of the actions you have taken as a team to work toward the teams goal

  • Continued optimisation of your teams daily actions that contributes meaningfully to the goals of the team

  • Elimination of wasted actions and effort that do not equate to desired outcomes

Use this session to improve or resolve:

  • Continued duplication of efforts

  • Wasted actions that do not drive the team toward desired results

  • A lack of understanding on how the team has achieved success