Release notes

Discover the latest releases and improvements of InOrbit.

26th Oct – Updates

Product improvements


  • Resolved: Card drag and click interaction for closure has been fixed.
  • Resolved: Reaction menu now activates and automatically closes upon selecting a reaction.
  • Resolved: Comment count on Session cards now updates in real-time.


  • Enhancements: Layout of session cards.
  • Enhancements: Session cards now offer an improved click-to-close functionality.

28th Sep – Updates

Product envisioning


  • Enhance navigation and information architecture.
  • Envisioning Leadership in Team Management
  • Empowering Individual Contributors: Enhancing Goal and Task Management
  • Define interactions for: Status, dependencies, assignments, scheduling and cadence

5th Sep – Updates

Technical envisioning

Goals and KPIs

  • Goal setting for hybrid teams - Data model
  • Envisioning setting KPIs with automation and reporting - Data model

Outcomes, metrics and measures

  • Individual, team, and organisational reports - Data model
  • Automation, augmentation, and autopilot - Data model

29th Aug – Updates

Product envisioning

Goals and KPIs

  • Envisioning Goal setting for hybrid teams
  • Envisioning setting KPIs with automation and reporting

Outcomes, metrics and measures

  • Envisioning individual, team, and organisational reports
  • Envisioning automation, augmentation, and autopilot

22nd Aug – Feature updates

Product Improvements

  • Autopilot confirmation - Allows for users to confirm and complete their contribution to specific pages of the session.
  • Session confirmation panel - Notifies attendees of a session about remaining individuals yet to submit or contribute.
  • Logs for auto pilot guides

15th Aug – Updates

Product Envisioning

Supporting Leaders and Teams:

  • Creating strategies to assist leaders in effective goal-setting.
  • Developing methods for teams to align with and respond to leadership direction.

Problem Qualification and Feature Definition:

  • Analyzing and categorizing challenges to pinpoint areas of improvement.
  • Defining specific features required to address identified problems.

Tech Assessment and Solution Definition:

  • Evaluating available technologies and their suitability for the project.
  • Outlining potential solutions based on the chosen technology stack.
  • Conducting short explorations of critical technologies to gauge feasibility.
  • Identifying potential roadblocks and mitigation strategies.

Metric Definition and Evaluation Planning:

  • Defining key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure project success.
  • Developing a framework for evaluating project outcomes against set metrics.

Product Narrative Expansion:

  • Enhancing the overall product story by integrating new insights and developments.
  • Ensuring that the evolving narrative aligns with the project's goals and direction.

8th Aug – Feature updates

Product Improvements

  • 🎉 Autopilot Guides have been added for all sessions
  • Dedicated Framework page added to workspaces: To guide and track sessions related to a framework
  • Session page update: Simplify experience - only provide necessary session content
  • Ability to invite participants and guests for a session

Bug fixes

  • Fixes for modal dialogs, improved redirects
  • Prevent moving and deleting a session from a workspace if the session was added by a selected framework

1st Aug – Feature updates

Product Improvements

Mobile experience

  • Optimise collaborative session mobile experience
  • New drag and drop experience
  • Layout improvements
  • Add ability to customise a session

Feature improvements

  • Share session card for agenda
  • Action menu for session cards and components

Bug fixes

  • Rework and stabilise collaborative session connection
  • Adding a mention no longer adds extra characters

25th Jul – Feature updates

Product Improvements

  • Enable editing session template
  • Replace input fields with an expandable text area for customization fields
  • dd empty state for matrix
  • Make the modal actions sticky to the bottom

Bug fixes

  • Fix today's sessions timezone
  • Fix the display of focus on the Tiptap component
  • Filter out items that haven't been fully assigned prevent crashing on the groups page
  • Fix positions of the group's page
  • Fix wrapping of the header on Kanban card

18th Jul – Feature updates

New feature

  • Autopilot sessions - Guide your sessions with page specific instructions.
  • Autopilot complete - Stop the guess work, participants can now mark themselves as complete when participating in a session.

Product Improvements

  • Sessions: Added new functionality to customise sessions
  • Now you can create an account with Google Authentication
  • Update add session experience - Filter now available when selecting a session for your workspace with Mobile optimization

Bug fixes

  • Sidebar navigation bug - Cropping badges
  • Onboarding card bug - Fix paths
  • 500 bug on login - Multiple accounts
  • Interface fix - Layout on completed sessions
  • Back button on session add
  • Flicker on sidebar navigation

11th Jul – Feature updates

Product Improvements

  • Improved interactions with emote and commenting on cards
  • Display session summary on session complete page, allowing participants to refer to session content whilst writing an update
  • Page-specific instructions for the Retrospective session

Bug fixes

  • Session action assignees
  • Order groups on sessions summary
  • Fix overlapping calls to action on the mobile experience
  • Display sessions exclusively from the workspaces where you hold membership.
  • Modal screens scrolling behaviour
  • Scrolling the navigation sidebar separate from main content. Improved scrolling experience.

4th Jul – Feature updates

Product Improvements

  • Session cards now include workspace and dates meta details
  • Improved kanban page scrolling experience
  • Updated behavior to dismiss modals and popups when clicking outside
  • Add about us and release notes to the app menu
  • Preparations for sign-in with Google - Ability to easily create a new InObit account with your Google credentials
    • Add Google sign-in behind the feature flag
    • Fix for oAuth display
  • Simplified sign up flow for first and second user
  • Toggle read / unread notifications

Bug fixes

  • Fix for scrolling issues during a session
  • Reduce shadow - Cropping content issues on the Kanban board
  • Fix overlapping calls to action on the mobile experience
  • Refactored avatar picker to fix UI bugs
  • Improved drag-and-drop overlay experience
  • Onboarding card and content improvements
  • Fixed wrapping behaviors for responsive mobile throughout the product

27th Jun – Feature updates

Bug fixes

  • Emote/reaction interaction fixed
  • Activity timestamps
  • Disabled dragging into groups - Fixed loss of card sort order when navigating within Sessions
  • Fixed workspaces session scheduling bug
  • Removed duplicate assignees on actions

Onboarding improvements

  • Demo workspace and session content
  • Sign up optimization


  • Business tier available in-app

Product Improvements

  • New quick access to commenting updates
  • Refined “Back” navigation experience
  • Notifications - Batch market all notifications as read and added functionality to filter by read and unread.
  • Daily focus - Ability to view backlog and view completed actions.
  • Session cards - Include workspace meta information
  • Locked workspace experience
  • Improve notification badges and counters

20th Jun – Feature updates

Onboarding improvements

  • Product tour video for onboarding - Getting to know the basics of InOrbit
  • Blank states - Guide users on how to use InOrbit and direct user actions.

Actions improvements

  • Actions list in workspaces, profiles, and sessions
  • Focus experience - Allowing users to prioritize actions

Sessions improvements

  • Live sessions
  • Improved layouts
  • Introduced stand-up sessions - allowing teams to conduct daily stand-ups


  • New Business tier - Introducing new pricing plan for business users requiring advanced features - Custom frameworks and sessions.

12th Jun – InOrbit launches 🚀

Today marks an epic milestone for InOrbit ❤️.
InOrbit has launched officially and open for sign-up.

The journey from our initial conversations about forming a company to reaching this significant milestone has been an incredible adventure, one that we are eager to showcase the fruits of our hard work.

InOrbit embodies our core values and beliefs, centered around the idea that with the right foundation, support, and tools, every team can be empowered to make a tangible difference in their company's success.

To live up to those values we feature the following:


  • Build a solid structure for your team by defining the sequence of team activities. Establish a framework that guides your Agile workflow and ensures effective collaboration and productivity.


  • Connect and collaborate seamlessly with your team in dedicated workspaces. These spaces serve as hubs where you can align, share information, and efficiently manage your working sessions.


  • Simplify the facilitation of important team activities such as stand-ups, team check-ins, and more. Say goodbye to coordination challenges and time-consuming setup for Agile ceremonies. Our Sessions feature streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.


  • Stay focused and organized with Actions. Easily manage and track the tasks that emerge from your team sessions. This feature empowers you to prioritize and efficiently handle action items, ensuring progress and accountability within your team.