Meetings, frameworks, and actions. Aligned.

InOrbit helps all teams reach their full potential, whether they work fully remote, hybrid, or co-located.

Working remote and async

Manage the way you and your team work with ease

Frameworks provide a means to manage and coordinate the sequence of team sessions, empowering teams to oversee their operations and make decisions in real-time or at any given moment.


Run your meetings without all the fuss

Empower your team to structure meetings, capture outcomes, manage actions, and foster discussions effortlessly in a single location using Sessions. Leverage our templates to guide your team in implementing best practices and unlock their potential.

Break down silos with workspaces

Ensure that everyone has easy access to all the context and information relevant to their work, at all times. Workspaces give each team its own place to organize sessions, actions, updates, and reports from a single location.


Get focused, be transparent and align your teams actions.

Identify your focus, manage your teams actions and quickly identify priorities. Keep track of all the actions from your sessions, across workspaces and individuals.